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Murino Consulting

  • What does a website cost?
    Website design is relatively simple but there are several costs associated with publishing a site: 1) Web domain purchase: This is the purchase of a website domain name such as "". This cost is aproximately $20/year and we can customize it to fit your business. 2) Web hosting costs: This is the purchase of space on a server that provides security, stores data, and publishes your website to the public. The bigger and more agile the server, the higher the cost but the more responsive the website. Generally, the cost depends on the server type, but our hosts average about $40/month. 3) Managment fees: These are related to the cost of the web designer's time and tools. There is often A) a one-time publishing fee related to lauching a website ($500-$3000 per launch), B) monthly overhead fees (~$10/month), and C) hourly fees for the designer to update, market, and optimize the site per month ($40/hr).
  • What is the average turn-around for a website design?
    This depends on the complexity of the site. Most non-Ecommerce sites can be published in within one week and most Ecommerce sites are publsihed within one month.
  • Can you teach a member of my team to maintain the website?
    Yes! The hourly rate for training is $30/hr and we require at least 3 hours to complete.
  • Can you identify specific technical skills that my team members need for moderization?
    Yes! Training your team to leverage technology is our passion.
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